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102 days ago.
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Charleston At RADCON 4 - Radiation Levels

Remember the nuke meltdowns in Japan? Three complete reactor meltdowns and the fourth severely damaged. Think thousands of Chernobyls as the problem continues to grow and spread. The plume in the Pacific is nearing the west coast and many tons of radioactive water continue to flow into the ocean. Scientists publicly scratch their heads as to why their is suddenly unprecedented high numbers of marine life gathering and dying along the coast from Alaska to southern California. The news blackout doesn't allow you to hear about this. But I've been watching as radiation levels monitored in Charleston, WV continue to rise, more so than many other areas. Overnight, Charleston went from RADCON 2 (rising) at 259cpm, to RADCON 4 (concern/watch) at 394cpm. Don't count on any official response, other than raising the numbers for allowable exposure, and not finding contamination because they aren't testing your food. Yes, the vegetable basket on the west coast has also been at RADCON 5


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From Dallas-Charleston-Maine, the current spike matches the current weather radar. Coincidence? Maine is at 474cpm.

Posted 131 days ago.

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