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Coal impacts Mid-Ohio Valley, too

September 8, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Although Wood County is not a large coal-producing county, it still benefits from the coal mining taking place elsewhere in West Virginia and can be impacted by any changes to the......

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Sep-08-13 5:02 AM

If federal policies have been making conditions harder on the industry as a whole, how do they explain the record high of $500 million last year?

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Sep-08-13 9:40 AM

Small correction. Wood County is not a small coal producing county. It is a NO coal producing county. As for the severance taxes WV continues to mine coal and exports to China and Japan are increasing. China exports are up 500%. Japanese exports are up 1000%.

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Sep-08-13 4:11 PM

The price of coal is down. And the coal severance taxes are based on the sale price of coal. And we lost 3,000 coal jobs, (I'll take that as meaning coal miners) but yet we still had a record high of $500 million in 2012. So much for the war on coal! Id say what we do have is a war on coal miners, And by who?

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Sep-08-13 6:50 PM

The Obama Administration

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Sep-08-13 7:06 PM

A poster wrote "We lost 3000 coal mining jobs in 2012. We had a record high of $500 million in productivity. I'd say there is a war on coal miners". Is this so called "war" merely the result of advanced technology welcomed by coal owners, and state and federal regulations loathed by coal owners?

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Sep-08-13 11:17 PM

Seems the article left out the fact that there is a tax break for thin-seam coal, it amounted to over a 100 million dollars loss last year.

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Sep-09-13 8:24 AM

The make believe war on coal is the woven within the same fairy tale as "clean coal." Within the last few years employment of coal miners have increased along with an increased in tonnage mined, which begs the question where is the war? Now, economic conditions are beginning to cause a downturn in coal production. West Virginia is also beginning to run out of coal that can be mined at a profit (feeling the competition from western coal states). Couple this with the abundance of cheap West Virginia natural gas and the coal industry now is finding itself at an economically disadvantage. Our state and local political leaders have, for far too long, relied on coal as an economic engine. Our leaders have diddled and wasted time which should have been used to plan and develop a broader economic base. Coal has only brought poverty and ignorance to West Virginia, while making millions for the Wall Street barons leaving West Virginia to be little more than a third world count

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Sep-09-13 8:48 AM

You've sang that sad song before suttle and failed to address relevant points like coal exportation over the last 5 years, the amount of coal reserves and the burning level of western coal vs. WV coal. Despite being questioned dozens of time about how to broaden the economic base in southern WV, you NEVER provided any sort of response. The only thing that surprises me is that you didn't parrot your lie about how all of southern WV is desolate, moonscape area with no hope for habitation.

I do wonder something though. If clean coal is a fairy tale, why did Barrack Obama award billions to Future Gen as part of the Stimulus Act?

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Sep-09-13 4:00 PM

Coal companies have been stealing from us forever, Tear up the land, ruin our rivers, treat the miners horribly and buy our legislators. The coal producing counties are our poorest. Something is amiss here. As for severance taxes, get used to them dwindling away.

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Sep-12-13 3:50 AM

That pretty well sums it up, Chris Cline and Jim Justice are billionaires while our coal producing counties have the highest poverty rates in the nation.

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