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Man with gun touches off school lockdown

Police say man was fending off dogs near McKinley Elementary

August 30, 2013

PARKERSBURG — The Parkersburg Police Department responded to a man with a gun behind McKinley Elementary School off St. Marys Avenue in Parkersburg Thursday afternoo....

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Aug-31-13 2:28 PM

Just limp in with one clamped to your leg, bring your wallet.

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Aug-31-13 2:27 PM

Where's the Humane Society with all these dogs running loose? Oh yeah, waiting for you to catch the dogs yourself?

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Aug-31-13 12:46 PM

The man has a concealed carry permit that allows for him to carry. He could and obviously does carry a weapon with him. By being concealed no one would or should know he was armed. HE has the right to carry and has passed the qualifications to do so. The people that carry concealed without the permit are the ones to worry about. Someone carrying openly in an exposed holster is just as legal in WV. As long as he is not brandishing the weapon for no just reason. Call the police if you like , but do not open yourself to a harassment or false swearing violation.

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Aug-31-13 12:25 PM

Continued...Or, what if the toter was angry about some issue, and really was headed for the school?

Don't say it won't happen here. That may be what Sandy Hook thought.

If I ever see anyone carrying a gun in public, I will call the police. How can you tell by looking at a person what their intent may be? You can't protect yourself if you aren't aware of your surroundings.

Also, you don't need a gun to protect yourself from dogs. There are other ways far less harmless, such as pepper spray. My friend carries a big stick when she walks her dogs.

Guns have their place, and their reasons. Our city has been lucky so far, but luck does run out.

Please be careful.

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Aug-31-13 12:11 PM

Let's digress, and get back to the crux of the article: the item is about the GUN~the dog is the excuse for having the gun.

Now, let's suppose the gun toter used the fear of dogs as an excuse for having the gun. (Ex: When one is caught doing something untoward, i.e., peeking into cars, etc., they tend to lie about what they are doing~~'I thought I saw my cat jump into that car, duh huh'~that being the reason for peeking into the car, when ACTUALLY, the peeker was looking for money, laptops, or some other item of value.

Now, what if the gun toter LIED about WHY he was carrying? What if he was really looking for a person, say, who owed him money, or didn't give him his drugs, or fooled with his wife.

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Aug-31-13 11:24 AM

As far as the dogs not recognizing a gun as a threat has no bearing on this. If you are carrying a weapon why would wait for these street pugs to get you down before drawing your weapon? Better to have and not need, than needing and not having.Several dogs constitute a pack(gang) with a pack(gang) mentality. One dog may be friendly, but a pack can bring down just about any prey.

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Aug-30-13 8:43 PM

I have encountered pits in my neighborhood and I ignored them. I didn't look them in the eye, I just looked ahead and kept on going at a normal pace.

A couple neighbors have pits, and those I have played with, kissed on the head, and scratched their ears.

2 things to point out: 1) I don't live in a skanky drug neighborhood; 2) I knew the dogs as pets, and they knew me.

My neighbor, who is an idiot in sane clothing, promises to kill any pit that crosses over to her side of the street, as she feels they are ALL vicious and ALL need to be put down.

Personally, I think she has it *** backwards.

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Aug-30-13 4:53 PM

There are some really big pit bulls frequently loose in this area. I am not afraid of a little dog - but these are some big boys running loose. They could potentially take an adult let alone a small child walking home from school.

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Aug-30-13 4:16 PM

@Bryancarr...after ALL the shootings and killings at schools, theaters, military base, and other places, only a damm FOOL wouldn't worry about a gun toting citizen!

I wouldn't even call YOU a dolt~~a freakin' moron, yes, but not a dolt.

Have a nice day.

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Aug-30-13 2:03 PM

West Virginia is an open-carry State.You are free to openly carry a firearm without concealing.The fact that you paranoid delusional dolts are afraid of citizens carrying firearms in the "land of the free" is laughable.

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Aug-30-13 1:29 PM

the only thing wrong with this is - concealed carry means CONCEALED. Don't bring it out unless you use it. Those dogs don't recognize a gun, till it's fired.

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Aug-30-13 12:09 PM

What was done about the pack of dogs near a school?

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Aug-30-13 10:59 AM

Good to know this is completely LEGAL....will remember that the next time I am out walking and am "scared" of something, anything. Ridiculous.

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Aug-30-13 10:46 AM

Oh, and the fact that he called the school to apologize, yeah, what a nice touch.

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Aug-30-13 10:44 AM

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Aug-30-13 10:42 AM

Now we have a dog killer in our midst. If he is so afraid of dog, why doesn't he STAY HOME?!

This sounds like a pi** poor excuse to me. I can't believe the PD just shrugged it off. What if this moron shot at a vicious, killer Chihuahua, and MISSED, injuring a person or child??

I know someone who has a permit to carry, but he keeps it on his belt, HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC VIEW.

With all the school shootings, I'd hate to think the PD just said, 'Oh, okay, sir, carry your gun anywhere, let everyone see it, and have a nice day.'

May God help us all.

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