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Nation of laws or just Obama's?

August 26, 2013

Many U.S. presidents have fumed and complained about laws enacted by Congress and rulings by federal courts. Not President Barack Obama....

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Aug-31-13 12:08 PM

What did you "DEMS" expect?

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Aug-27-13 6:25 AM

Speaking of Yucca Mountain. There is a proposal to put a cluster of nuclear power plants and waste disposal sites similar to Yucca Mountain in Mississippi.

Whats interesting is that for all the talk of the safety of Yucca Mountain. In Mississippi there is this thing called the New Madrid fault.

The same fault that made the Mississippi river run backwards.

Granted it may be in the process of shutting down but seismologists are 100% sure about that.

So yea. Abandon a good site and then propose a bad one.

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Aug-27-13 12:26 AM

Sigh... It gets so old when the left crys racism and tells people what about Bush??? This community organizer cannot do the job he was elected to do. People know it, so this is the best they can come up with. The worst President ever! This was the sign hanging outside of Camp Pendelton this morning!

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Aug-26-13 8:28 PM

Talk about tiresome. I notice no one's refuted any of the points of the op-ed.

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Aug-26-13 7:48 PM

Mike Myers hatred of President Obama is getting tiresome. His ignorant editorials slamming President Obama is just taking up good space in the Sentinel that could be better used to provide more meaningful editorials to the readers. If Congress would man up and do there job maybe President Obama would not have to fill in their vacuum of in action. The United States must function as a country. All three branches have to show up for work...Congress is AWOL. The radical right just can't accept a black man in the White House. That is the bottom line. The radical right should just wear white sheets with pointy hats. At least their pointy heads would fit the pointy hats...perfectly.

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Aug-26-13 5:47 PM

The political slant is amazing, though it is done constantly by both parties, if they could find some common ground maybe our country wouldn't be in such horrible shape.

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Aug-26-13 7:55 AM

Is it paranoia if they really are listening? Bush-Cheney is so long ago, Myers was probably in school then.

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Aug-26-13 5:12 AM

According to Mike Myers the sky is falling! And I wonder if Myer's ever wrote an editorial slamming Bush and Cheney for doing the same things??

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Aug-26-13 4:05 AM

A bit of a ramble but the point is taken. While his past actions are of concern, the provisions of the 2012 NDAA bill, signed into law at 6:36 pm on December 31. 2011 frighten me. If not struck down, the Executive Branch would retain the ability to stipulate the conditions needed to impose martial law and among other things, suspend elections.

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