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Fanatical Soldier

Hasan got breaks from the military

August 8, 2013

Army Maj. Nidal Hasan went on trial in a military court at Fort Hood, Texas, this week, with his life on the line....

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Aug-09-13 7:57 AM

Clearly this man was deranged and acted not in rje name of Allah regardless of what he was shouting. Should we excute him inthe name of Christ? if we blame the actions of the individual on a religion then how are we better than those of whom we fight a slogan war with?

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Aug-08-13 10:30 PM

I can't believe it but I agree with AaronS. However, I do want to point out that over a long history, many Christians committed horrible crimes in the name of their religion. Religious folks who live in glass houses should be very careful when throwing stones.

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Aug-08-13 7:57 PM

AS, more directed at your comment about Islam being on trial when that was not mentioned. The fact that Hasan was what he was may have been obvious probably before but certainly during and after.

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Aug-08-13 5:32 PM

I have no idea what a citizens self view or how other nations view Christian's have anything to do with this editorial.

Saying that, I understand that more than I do Neo's post.

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Aug-08-13 1:49 PM

I remember reading, "We're often told we should have the courage of our convictions. But sometimes, what is needed is the courage to question our convictions. Hitler had ..." Wish I could remember who said it.

Updating that, we would say Nidal Hasan has the courage of his convictions. Unfortunately.

& not just Major Hasan. From TV news from Egypt, to these Comments pages on N&S, we see lots of people w/ unwavering convictions, & at least a moderate amount of courage.

Courage is needed, not much gets changed w/o it. But listening is needed too (not just searching for points to attack, that amounts to focusing so closely on the trees that you miss the forest.)

& so is some judicious self-doubt.

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Aug-08-13 8:34 AM

While America for the most remains a very tolerant nation, sometimes to the point of being too politically correct.

We have to remember that while we should not condemn all Muslims, we must remain vigilant and while we should not confuse terror and religion, remember that the Muslim countries are not that tolerant of Christians, which most Americans identify themselves as.

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Aug-08-13 7:11 AM

It seems to me many want a trial on Islam and that simply cannot be allowed. Islam is no more responsible for this or any other terroristic act than Christianity was responsible for Hitlers actions during WW2.

While I agree many dropped the ball in allowing the Major unfettered access to those in custody and then, despite warning signs about his mental state, allowed him to continue to serve, to blame this entirely on a religion is not the answer.

If we confuse the slogan war on terror with a war on religion, we return to the crusades. If the US was a nation governed by Christianity than those who support such a war might have a case. As we are a nation founded and governed by a rule of law and not religion, they do not.

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Aug-08-13 5:33 AM

"Perhaps the trial will offer an opportunity for the American people to hear such testimony - and then to ask whether the Pentagon has changed anything in the way potential killers like Hasan are dealt with" Like as if the Pentagon is going to tell us, good luck with that! Id say here is another "Hands-free driving" editorial

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