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Man says he jumped from bridge to cool off

July 31, 2013

PARKERSBURG — A man jumped from the East Street Bridge Monday night because he was hot, authorities said Tuesday morning. “That’s what he’s telling officials,” said Capt....

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Aug-01-13 11:56 AM

Pre-judgment is a popular sport in this valley. As is looking down on and making fun of the less fortunate.

The "AaronSL" handle is another 4TB-SilverBullet-(50 more)reincarnation. Impersonating others will get you kicked off most internet forums. "AaronL" is a long time poster here and not the same poster as the "4TB-AaronSL" troll.

manydemocrats Jul-31-13 2:51 PM - - I AGREE!

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Aug-01-13 2:37 AM

Go to lunch with Jim,delete your account,then pick out another name of who you want to be.

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Jul-31-13 8:42 PM

Our resident troll has deleted sooooo many accounts that his tiny brain cannot keep up, and he wants to be some-one else so badly it hurts. Should I be flattered or worried that he wants to share warm showers in the wee hours of the morning?

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Jul-31-13 8:34 PM

There you have it! Wonder why so many liberals are so confused that they cannot see the difference between a fraud and the real Aaron. Scary.... They cannot grasp the truth!

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Jul-31-13 7:58 PM

MD,You got the wrong Aaron buster.

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Jul-31-13 5:33 PM

Hmmm, seems as though my analysis of someone's character was pretty smack dab on. Except he was probably rejected by his church. No one commenting on this article has any knowledge about this man that jumped from a bridge except that he was homeless. According to Aaron our {intellectual Right Wing/Tea Bagger} That fact, discredits him {the homeless man} totally. I have said this many, many, times in my posts, regarding comments of this nature.. WE HAVE MANY SICK PEOPLE AMONG US....

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Jul-31-13 5:01 PM

seems like most of you need to get a life instead of not only worrying about others that may or may not be less fortunate than yourselves and spreading your unwanted negative opinions on a news post. jokes.

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Jul-31-13 4:03 PM

Aaron you couldn't ever identify or recognize wisdom. Your post in YESTERDAY'S article on this subject at 6:56 pm post you call this man a ""low life"" without any knowledge of who he is or WHY he jumped from a bridge into a muddy river. You sir, are a crude, rude imbecile not worthy of response.....

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Jul-31-13 3:14 PM

With age,comes wisdom.... Guess not in all cases.

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Jul-31-13 2:51 PM

It appears that none of you have considered that this homeless man was suicidal and attempting to end his life. He's a criminal, a nut or he's funny..... You people are shameful and disgusting. You will go to your multi-million dollar Church this Sunday, dressed in your fancy new clothes, proclaiming loudly how you help the needy of our community and filling the collection plate with your hard earned dollars, so the pastor may buy himself a New Mercedes PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK!!!!!!!

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Jul-31-13 12:11 PM

Oh, and as for the search crew, police, etc., that's part of their job. They have to search, no matter the outcome.

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Jul-31-13 12:09 PM

I find it hard to believe he jumped because he was hot. That's just plain idiotic. I think he's a nut.

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Jul-31-13 10:07 AM

Canniballoe...Punish him for what? If there is no law against jumping from the bridge just what should he be punished for? Being homeless????

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Jul-31-13 9:34 AM

Now that's funny!

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Jul-31-13 9:16 AM

"he advised officers he jumped off the bridge because he was hot" -the high Monday was 79 degrees..

"No criminal charges apply to this act"- The river search involved crews from Parkersburg, Little Hocking, Vienna and Marietta that lasted from 7 p.m. to around 11 p.m So,wasting 4 hours of these services goes unpunished? I can see alot of copy-cat daredevils in the future.

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