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Football at Stadium Field 'doubtful'

Renovation woes may force Big Reds to play elsewhere

July 31, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Officials said it is “doubtful” Parkersburg High’s football team will play a home game at Stadium Field this season....

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Jul-31-13 12:39 AM

If Phs has to play all games on the road then they should play at south side. Remember all the years south played at stadium field.if not allowed then school board should pay for all revenue lost to phs.also pay for lost revenue to other sports that depend on football.

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Jul-31-13 1:37 AM

It's up to wood county schools to provide places for athletes to play if one school doesn't then no one should. School board can pay to fix stadium then have phs repay them . How many years did south play at stadium field for football and field house for basketball and payed noting.

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Jul-31-13 4:42 AM

Never thought I would see the day that Parkersburg High didn't have a place to play a home game.

Even the old temp bleachers on the cinder track were better than the news of today.

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Jul-31-13 4:52 AM

I know people are already saying play at Erickson, but the field at Erickson being grass can't withstand another 5 or more football games.

This is't just a Parkersburg High problem its a Parkersburg, Parkersburg South, and Williamstown problem cause all 3 need money to improve athletic fields.

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Jul-31-13 6:32 AM

garnish phs coaches and teachers wages to support the stadium and whoever else is crying..south went years w/out a stadium...the world will go on if phs has to play somewhere else ONE season!...

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Jul-31-13 7:03 AM

This whole thing is an embarrassment the contractor underbid to get the job they should pony up the rest and if they walk out then they are in violation of their contract. Who cares if South went without a stadium for years this isnt about South so quit making it about them. I would rather the team play on the road than play at South.

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Jul-31-13 7:06 AM

"You can't always get can't you want" - Mick Jagger

Today the students of PHS have learned a real life lesson.

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Jul-31-13 7:07 AM

Correction - "You can't always get what you want"

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Jul-31-13 7:18 AM

School systems are the worst example of mis-management, financial as well as education for the the students. They waste tax dollars because because no one can manage the systems.

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Jul-31-13 7:41 AM

Right, Weiser 1007, it isn't about South or what happened years ago. Never has been.

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Jul-31-13 8:14 AM

Fatman, who should South have paid for playing at PHS.

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Jul-31-13 8:21 AM

Awwwww, poor wittle babies can't pway on their field. Cry me a river. They tried to strong-arm their way into more money and lost. Karma *****, huh?

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Jul-31-13 8:37 AM

So they are finally actually going to fix Williamstown's roof? That is great news and WAY more important than a game with a ball, sorry, just how I feel.

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Jul-31-13 11:16 AM

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. You are more immature than the students. You all just want to relive the glory days of the PHS/South rivalry when south was derided and treated like the proverbial red headed step child. "We are gonna make PHS pay for treating us that way." This isn't a north/south issue. It doesn't make sense to have south's field torn up with more soccer and football games than it can handle. There will be so much work to get it back in playable condition each week if it can even be done. We are way past the time to look at what is best for the students not old alumni who have an ax to grind. These students deserve better. Adults want to make teens suffer so they can get revenge for having to play at PHS when they were in high school. Get over it!

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Jul-31-13 11:20 AM

Williamstown: $686,500 Parkersburg South: $1,044,045 + $200,000 already allocated towards track replacement = $1,244,045. Parkersburg: $177,250 + $700,000 towards stadium renovation = $877,260. Seems to me if the south side complaint is always going to be that things should be equal between South and PHS, then they should be equal for all wood county high schools. That would mean Williamstown should be owed another $557,545 and PHS an additional $366,785. Fair's fair, right?

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Jul-31-13 11:34 AM


Should have listened to me in the first place - put a solid cover on the field to save the turf, bulldoze the whole thing and rebuild from scratch. It would have been CHEAPER to bring in pre-fab concrete components than it will be to fix the thing piecemeal as they have chosen to do. And, you would have had a brand new stadium for the 2014 season.

And what a surprise - now they have no field. The school board should have made the RIGHT decision and not the POPULAR decision. But nooooooo. The athletic director whined about the $50K that would be lost by not having home football games. Guess what? It's lost!

Agreed that the engineering firm underbid just to get the job. They should be held accountable for the overage, IMHO.

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Jul-31-13 11:36 AM

And why is the "solution" such an issue? Just play all the games as AWAY games. What's the big deal? High schools and universities do this all the time when they are building new stadiums.

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Jul-31-13 11:42 AM

Granted, I don't know much about this, but it seems to me that high school games could be played at Erickson, and the money needed for any repairs could be pooled from South and PHS, and Williamstown, if they used it.

Or, charge each high school so much money per game, to play at Erickson, and put this money toward repairs.

Why was Erickson built in the first place?

I said I don't know much about this, so I don't need any smart-***ed remarks; I am just trying to toss in some ideas so I can understand the whole thing. :)

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Jul-31-13 11:47 AM

Lets not have no football at either phs or pshs if phs can't play at south watch for lawsuit.

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Jul-31-13 11:56 AM

I can't believe what the owner of Rubin's put on his marquee. I rarely ate there but I certainly won't after reading that!

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Jul-31-13 3:09 PM

PHS and all its fans are the biggest cry babies in the state. Williamstown HS was always the red headed stepchild until PSHS came along. Now both schools are to give up what they have needed for years so the poor little big reds can fix the stadium. Tough!! For all the years I can remember PHS has always gotten more than there fair share of the pot. I could care less if the stadium seating ever gets finished. Let them find a place to rent this year. If you cant find a stadium to play in,then all games will be away games. Karma has come home to roost.

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Jul-31-13 3:19 PM

Socwkr, you're wrong. Heck, I didn't even live in this area until 10 yrs ago, but it didn't take long for me to see the elitist attitudes from PHS grads and students. Glad to see they may finally get what they deserve, and by "they" I mean the adults, not the kids. The athletes definitely deserve to play somewhere, but the adults can deal with it.

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Jul-31-13 4:20 PM

I moved to this area in 2000, my wife went to South but we moved to Vienna and the kids are going to PHS, so I don't have this South vs PHS rivalry thing going like many of you. Reading through the comments though, I think one point is being missed: how many sporting events actually take place at PHS and who benefits. The varsity/JV/Freshamn football teams only plays 12-15 games there, but then you have the 40+ games from the boys/girls soccer teams, Catholic's football games, MOV Youth football games for the Ramblers, the semi-pro football team, the track teams and all their meets, etc. My undertsnading is that 50% of all money collected at Stadium field goes back to Wood County Schools, who then disperse it out to all schools in Wood County. I'm not positive of that but if that is the case, doesn't it benefit everyone to have a functional Stadium Field? Also, being a football parent, I've seen the kids play at Erickson. That field would be destroyed with additional games

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Jul-31-13 4:29 PM

SURPRISE? LOL NO! Reeves, the AD and Principal will go down in PHS football history as the three stooges that allowed this to happen. They knew how bad it was and instead of forcing the issue early enough to allow the season to happen, they set back and waited till the stadium was ruled condemned. These three Amigos knew that this would force the hand of the BOE and community. Well guess what, it backfired and now the kids have no season at home. Fire all three and get it over with. They have no love of PHS or football. Their names will always be synonymous with failure.

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Jul-31-13 4:41 PM

AaronSL = GreatwhiteBuffalo, etc.

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