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Football at Stadium Field 'doubtful'

Renovation woes may force Big Reds to play elsewhere

July 31, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Officials said it is “doubtful” Parkersburg High’s football team will play a home game at Stadium Field this season....

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Aug-01-13 4:05 PM

As a Big Red football fan, I have been so disappointed in the last few years that I could care less if they would play their games in the Kroger parking lot.

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Aug-01-13 3:51 PM

If you think the old north side prejudice toward the south is not alive and well on northend, you simply need to read nj1234's reply on Jul-31-13 at 6:34 PM.

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Aug-01-13 1:44 PM

@Brooks, it does help to have knowledge before commenting. Parkersburg South did indeed offer their stadium for PHS's home games and the two teams are only scheduled to play home games on the same week once this entire season.

The problem is, PHS has no interest in playing at Erickson because of concerns over the natural grass holding up to multiple games each week, and to be honest, hurt pride of having to use South's facility after complaining about South using theirs for decades.

What this isn't is a South-PHS issue, it is solely a PHS issue, as if they want Erickson on 4 out of their 5 home games, they've got it.

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Aug-01-13 7:43 AM

Why can't they use the same stadium South uses?? For years South used their's!! Unreal that they aren't just offering it to PHS. Seems petty and completely WRONG. Erickson Field was a town wide effort. It DOES not just belong to South HS.

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Aug-01-13 6:34 AM

Yes, with enough collateral. I would imagine banks would be willing to loan given there will be zero revenue if the stadium isn't open.

About the only reason for not borrowing the money is if the stadium committee is trying to force the county to cover the rest.

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Aug-01-13 3:28 AM

AaronS: Its like every where else,you can only borrow so much money at the same time.

Can you get another loan if you already owe more than you make in a year?

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Jul-31-13 11:24 PM

In for a penny, in for a pound, borrow the rest.

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Jul-31-13 10:26 PM

The stadium has become a microcosm of Parkersburg itself...

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Jul-31-13 9:27 PM

Should read. The Stadium Committee has already....

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Jul-31-13 8:54 PM

The Stadium Committee has always borrowed $600,000 from banks to go along with the $700,000 from BOE and about $40,000 Committee had to start with, but still short of $200,000 to fix just the home side.

That's about 1.54 million to fix just 1 side.

Sad part we need $200,000 to finish it, but will need $800,000 to pay it all off before even thinking about the guest side.

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Jul-31-13 8:45 PM

There will be football at Stadium Field this fall. Why? Images count!!! PHS is viewed, and rightfully so by the majority of the state citizens as well as many out of staters as one of the most outstanding high schools-an academic institution for excellance. Because of that image, it is most doubtful that Stadium Field will be completely closed this football season. Money will be found for necessary repairs1!!

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Jul-31-13 8:16 PM

If all that is needed is money, why doesn't the PHS Boosters step up, borrow the money to finance the project and then ask for donations to pay the loan off? It's a simple solution that has worked at many schools.

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Jul-31-13 7:31 PM

GLV2008, you speak the truth.

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Jul-31-13 7:29 PM

This isn't the first time that PHS has had to fix this problem. Temporary bleachers were brought in the last time and maybe the administration should've thought ahead. They knew the fix was temporary and they would be back in this situation. Now the kids pay the price for their selfish thinking. Anyone with common sense knows you budget for overages because EVERYTHING is normally twice as much as it should be. Why can't they bring in the temp bleachers again?

Isleofpalms5....I do hope you get to walk across that field to graduate.

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Jul-31-13 7:07 PM

IF not really less complicated less inclusive. NJ, has anyone said phs could not use Erickson, though not ideal as it would mean that if either team went to the playoffs, they would all be road games.

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Jul-31-13 7:02 PM

AaronSL.... My money is too good for anyone but me right now. I worked for it. It is not the "well off brats" fault that their parents have(had) jobs and make (made) money. Anyone with ambition can do the same.

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Jul-31-13 6:49 PM

You know, after I re-read my own comment, I realized I was very unclear, and for that I apologize. I was going to correct it, but changed my mind, because deep down, I really don't care that much.

It'll get worked out somehow. One thing does seem clear, though, and that is this: things were a lot less complicated when there was only one high school in town.

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Jul-31-13 6:37 PM

20+ was a general statement in regards to field conditions because of so many sports being played on it. I'm pretty sure the old stadium field bleachers were recycled literally when they were taken down because they were in such poor condition. Playing at Jackson would be a better option than tearing up erickson. Jacksons bleachers were barely used when they were installed. They could rent bleachers and put them in the end zone at the entrance of the stadium and lots of standing room. And really someone complaining about spelling and grammer on a message board. The board dropped the ball on the bid contract they dropped the ball in fulfilling there lease requirements in regards to the stadium in the first place. I think its sad in general that the school couldn't have come up with more money or got the loans themselves. We did stadium canvassing at jackson for that field and the old turf at stadium field. Boosters raised a lot of money.

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Jul-31-13 6:34 PM

Being an OLD person, and a grad of PHS, I can tell you,if you care to research it, when the plans for PSHS were drawn up, they included a stadium to be built in the front of the school. Why this didn't happen, I do not know. I do know that the PHS students, parents and Alumni have worked their hinny's off for PHS to be an elite school, with parents paying for band uniforms, and the cleaning thereof, and choir robes, buying our own band and orchestra instruments, etc. People of North P-burg and Vienna contributed to Erickson field too. Now we aren't supposed to use it. Personally, that's fine with me. I have no wish to patronize south side.

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Jul-31-13 5:46 PM

It was years and I'm not talking about 4 or 5 but 20+ where all the schools in the area utilize stadium field and it was aweful with metal bleachers and a dirt field by the end of September. --------------------------- But it still was better than what we are facing on 7/31/13 NO PLACE to CALL HOME.

I highly doubt if Jackson Middle could hold 1/3 of a Parkersburg High football crowd, it will be perfect for Parkersburg Catholic cause their crowds will fit inside Jackson's bleachers, which by the way are the old metal bleachers from Stadium Field.

Those metal bleachers were not at Stadium Field for 20 years, 10 maybe. South was forced to move a playoff game to Ripley do to the lack of seating and the field being to close to the bleachers in 1991 against John Marshall.

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Jul-31-13 5:41 PM

Being a rising senior at Parkersburg High, there's nothing I want more than for the stadium to be completed. Not just for football- though, I have been waiting three years to be in the front row of the student section. I want it for the soccer games, for the cheerleaders and the redwings, for every sports team that has ever used and loved our stadium. I want it for homecoming, an event that brings the community together. I want it for cross country and track practices, and conditioning. I want to run up and down those stadium stairs endlessly. Most importantly, I want it for graduation. This isn't about a rivalry or about the mistakes that faculty members might have made,it's about the students and the community.

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Jul-31-13 5:39 PM

Truly disturbing is the number of people commenting on this story who (presumably) managed to graduate from high school without learning how to spell, use grammar, or use punctuation correctly.

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Jul-31-13 5:27 PM

So dont act like PHS has always received the money because they havent, a lot of what the school has received has been earned through hard work and dedication on and off the field in all sports that benefited the entire area including south, that was one of the main reasons for adding the turf to have better competition on the field for the area high schools. If you read the article soccer will still be played at the stadium as far as football goes they can go to Jackson Middle, Reeves knows his way around there pretty well he should be able to find it.

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Jul-31-13 5:21 PM

Lets talk about education, athletes have to maintain their grades to play sports also practicing keeps them off the streets and makes studying even more important. It builds character instills responsibilities that a lot of kids these days do not have and is not taught in the school especially discipline. I would have to agree Reeves should be gone if he couldnt hack it at South then should never had been a PHS coach. PHS alumni are proud of the school because they have a lot to be proud of for over a hundred years. When South started winning at something other than wrestling the funding started showing up. Its like everything else in society you cant just throw money at something and hope people are proud of it and appreciate it and appreciate who it is for. It was years and I'm not talking about 4 or 5 but 20+ where all the schools in the area utilize stadium field and it was aweful with metal bleachers and a dirt field by the end of September.

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Jul-31-13 5:21 PM

Why would South or Erickson get a law suit against them when the Big Reds don't want to play at Erickson in the 1st place.

Regardless of what anyone thinks, the grass field at Erickson can't withstand many more events than what is there now per season.

The people of South Parkersburg have done a major job in building what is at Erickson without much BOE help.

Myself, I would rather play 10 away games than risk being the team that on a rain socked night tears up the field at Erickson.

Stadium Field before astroturf was always a muddy mess by week 5 with over use, Erickson would be likewise.

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