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Young Mothers

Too many young girls having babies

May 30, 2013

During the past five years, the rate of teenage girls becoming pregnant has declined substantially in all but two states. You guessed it: West Virginia is one of them (the other is North Dakota....

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May-30-13 5:46 AM

Now their Young Mothers, on May 21, 2013 Editorial they were Children!

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May-30-13 8:48 AM

When the state of WV stops rewarding teen girls for getting pregnant without a husband this situation will change. Giving them food stamps, housing, medical cards and providing daycare for their kids if they decide to go to college-which is also paid for by taxpayers-is only encouraging this problem. Becoming a baby mama in WV is likehitting the welfare lottery! Besides too many kids today are lazy, spoiled and feel entitled. Stop with the handouts. If baby mamas want to go to college let them get a job and pay for it themselves or get a student loan the way the rest of us do.

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May-30-13 9:14 AM

OH GOD! ""HITTING THE WELFARE LOTTERY"" Janeeyre, Are you related to Michelle Bachman Or Sarah Palin???? LOL ... Were you one of those imbeciles that was advocating and preaching about the sins of the ""morning after"" Pill in the PN&S a few days back??? You obviously, are one of those that NEVER took advantage of the STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM and RECEIVED AN EDUCATION... YOU, like so many others of the Right Wing, YOU, care ""Sooo MUCH"" for the unborn and then after they are born YOU SAY """F*** YOU"""

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May-30-13 10:38 AM

For the one griping about equating a student loan for college with getting welfare, please note that student loans are PAID BACK, while welfare is not. Big difference. Teaching responsible behavior and not promoting sexual freedom is what will help. Stop rewarding kids for having kids is needed. WV will not change as long as the inappropriate lifestyle is glamorized.

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May-30-13 1:17 PM

The cycle will never end unless parents start doing their jobs. Where are the parents when these girls (and guys) are getting pregnant? Let me guess.... Playing video games, smoking crack, getting drunk, and collecting welfare themselves. It's cyclical, folks!

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May-30-13 1:40 PM

Teaching comprehensive sex education to both boys and girls starting at about 6th grade would go alone ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies, including birth control and health issues that are related to unprotected sex. Commonsense would also suggest that we make birth control easily available to both boys and girls (like a health clinic in each high school). While poverty and lack of parental responsibility contribute to this issue greatly, it is going to be a lot cheaper to pay for ******s and birth control pills than to pay welfare for next 18 years for each kid born to a young teenager not including the cost of additional health care for STDs. Other state have taken a proactive approach and they are getting benefiting from their actions...all the while West Virginia does nothing.

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May-30-13 1:45 PM

Oh dear....I just noticed in my previous post that this newspaper does not like you to use the word C- O- N- D- O- M- S. That should tell you a lot about why our young girls are getting knocked up. Ignorance equals young girls getting pregnant...

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May-30-13 3:20 PM

Dad2three, Many of those {as you think} negligent parents are working 2 or 3 jobs at LOW MINIMUM WAGES, trying to keep a roof over those young adult heads. I have a family next door, the mother is working 2 jobs and the dad is working 3 jobs. They have 3 teens in the home. 2 of those teens also work part time. I know for a fact that they struggle constantly to survive. Your attacks on the few that receive Welfare help in unconscionable and typically right wing... You are probably, the type that would have NOTHING to say about EXXON getting 12 BILLION in TAX CREDITS and pays ZERO in income taxes. BUT ATTACK WELFARE OR HEALTHCARE FOR HUMANS....

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May-30-13 5:44 PM

Well said "manydemocrats" and "Suttle"

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May-30-13 5:55 PM

Manydemocrats, I know you are a bleeding heart liberal,one who unfortunately believes in entitlements and the welfare state. Are you on the dole and one of the irresponsible?

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May-30-13 6:06 PM

The wealthy, who can afford childcare expenses usually have one or two children. The poor,who cannot adequately care for children usually have a half dozen or more children,who for the most part will grow up poor. See what the welfare state does to those innocent children,who mostly will grow up to be criminals?

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May-30-13 6:52 PM

Guy007 that was a great observation and I agree with you Sir!

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May-30-13 6:57 PM

GUY, You apparently, have a warped and distorted view of humanity and the problems of survival facing today's families. It boggles my mind to think that people like you, that claim to be a "professor of history" that probably has "TAKEN" from the populace all your adult life. Yet you have the gall to blindly attack the poor in our community. I NOTE THAT MY COMMENT BELOW REGARDING EXXON DIDN'T EFFECT YOUR BIGOTED THOUGHT PROCESS. YOU SIR, ARE UNDOUBTEDLY, ARE A DISGUSTINGLY SICK INDIVIDUAL.

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May-30-13 7:14 PM

Manydemocrats,I have never attacked the deserving poor!!! I do attack the welfare state that produces exponentially a vicious cycle of "dependency mindset" Moreover,corporate welfare,which includes Exxon's disgusting shinaniguns is more damaging than the social welfare state. Whatever happened to being responsible for your lot in life. I came from a welfare family. My sister and I worked our way out of that cycle. Our other sibling chose to drop out of school and are living in poverty. This life they chose.It's all about choices and responsibility,NOT "Woe is me".

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May-31-13 7:26 AM

This is a problem that needs more than one solution. First, we need some better paying jobs in this area so more moms can stay home with their kids. Next, our public schools need more rules and regulations. Stop with all this "Boo Hoo my poor baby has special needs and needs to be treated like a prince/princess" crap. Have a one size fits all education system where the teacher is in charge and kids can get disciplined by the principal-which includes spanking. Also have a strict dress code and do away with smoking sections at schools. And once kids get to school, even if they drive, they should never be allowed to leave the school grounds. Some sex education/birth control classes need to be enforced in public schools. Lastly, parents need to start acting like parents and take control of what their kids wear, who their friends are, how well they do their homework and monitor their computer usage.

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May-31-13 8:23 AM

Saw a 15 year old pushing a baby stroller down the street - I asked her why would you go and get pregnant at 15. She looked at me like I was stupid and said "I have a baby I am set for the next 18 years". ??? I said if you think living on welfare is "set" you don't have very high hopes for you or your child.

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May-31-13 9:50 AM

I'd like to know what school has a "smoking section." Education isn't and never has been "one-size fits all." Even when I was in school in the 70s and 80s, we had special kids that had to go to reading and math labs for extra help. I received a great education and was very well-prepared for college when the time came. I was in advanced-placement classes, so that wasn't "one size fits all" either. Obviously, janeeyre1 has never had any experience in the education system, or he/she wouldn't be spewing such ignorance about our children's education.

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May-31-13 1:37 PM

Well, hopefully with more same sex marriages and relationships the teen pregnancy will go down in West Virginia without any action by our political leaders at all.

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May-31-13 2:10 PM

Guy007 is absolutely correct.

Ask yourself the question that he poses. WHY do poor people (singles, under-age, unemployed, etc.) have MORE children than married couples who work and can actually AFFORD to have children?

Statistics bear this out as a reality, so you can't deny the truth of the data.

Apparently, the answer is, as some have noted, that having children apparently entitles one to government aid.

Those who say it is "cyclical" are also correct. When you have one generation of leeches, you get a second, a third, and so on. The kids follow the poor examples of their welfare parents.

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May-31-13 2:14 PM

manydemocrats has an unrealistic and idyllic view of the country. Talking about people working "2 or 3 jobs at low minimum wages" is simply a crock. Why is the number of people on Medicaid and Disability at now-record levels? Because it's easier for the poor and lazy to file for government aid than it is to work for the money to support themselves.

And hey, if I have a kid, I get $x for this and $y for that and $z for the other thing. What a deal!

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May-31-13 3:39 PM

My mom's cousin worked as a guidance counselor in Wheeling - she said the welfare kids start in high school - oh my back hurts oh this oh that - prepping to do their own sign up soon as they hit 18.

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May-31-13 5:10 PM

Oh yeah and my brother in-laws, sister's dad's nephew is a convenience store clerk and HE SAYS that many Republicans are constantly squawking about the poor people getting food stamps, while BOWING TO and PRAISING the WEALTHY ELITE, ripping off the working class, while thumping their BIBLES and Screaming JESUS LOVES YOU, BUT YOU'RE GONNA BURN IN HELL....

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May-31-13 5:47 PM

Why do the dependant,entitlement demanding,usually indoctrinated with negativism liberals constantly berate those who choose to be responsible,educated ,hard working,many knowledgeable on the stock market,and some very financially successful?

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May-31-13 8:44 PM

GUY, I will be more than happy to answer your question. I berate YOU AND YOUR TYPE, because you are bigoted, greedy, hate filled people that love to attack underprivileged in our society. Usually these same people are unable, uneducated, or too timid to defend themselves against your demeaning verbal attacks. Your type are typically BIBLE THUMPING ""holier than thou"" hypocrites. Your type gets a sadistic pleasure in looking down your UPPITY noses at those less fortunate than yourselves. As for your education, knowledgeable stock market skills, and very successful financial status, SADLY, it's often those same people that LOOK UP TO YOU and ADMIRE and PRAISE YOUR SUCCESS. Your type are SICK, your SICK in the HEAD. YES, I berate and despise your type in our society.

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May-31-13 9:19 PM

Manydemocrats,it is simply impossible for any modern society to thrive without the financial assistance(providing jobs) from the responsible "Uppity" class that you so much berate to the truly unfortunate class. Moreover,there is much giving of charity to the underprivileged by the financially successful.

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