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Give private sector workers choice, too

May 28, 2013

Once again liberals in Washington are decreeing that a job “perk” available to government workers should be denied to those in the private sector....

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May-28-13 5:13 AM

republicans are always looking for ways to reduce what you earn by eliminating laws that protect workers. Of all the issues facing our Country this is what they think is the most important. Remember this come election time!!

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May-28-13 7:31 AM

The choice is really for the employer not the employee. What good is it for the employee to have time off when the employer gets to choose when? This is just another Republican shell game to dupe the employee into thinking this "choice" is a benefit when in reality it is just another chamber of commerce rip off.

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May-28-13 8:42 AM

The giant corporations, with the eager cooperation of the Republican Party are out to destroy the WORKING CLASS. Anyone with half a brain, would realize that. The Republican Party has continuously worked for the removal of laws that protect or benefit workers, like overtime, minimum wage laws, healthcare, safety in the work place, 40 hour workweek, vacations, holidays, EPA, discrimination, pension plans, social security. Giant Corporations like WALMART continue to eagerly support and purchase goods from companies like the clothing factory in Bangladesh, that collapsed killing hundreds of poor workers that were not protected by workers laws. If you think they won't do the same thing here, for their almighty profit dollar, just remove workers protection laws that have taken the working class 100 years of fighting to establish away.

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May-28-13 3:27 PM

Random, thanks for the laugh this morning, priceless!

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May-29-13 3:01 AM

I see nothing has changed with Many Dems, still cant post anything without insulting someone.

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May-29-13 5:00 AM

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May-29-13 5:05 AM

It seems a bit odd to me that you guys have no problem with public employees choosing this option but somehow scream bloody murder because a private employee wants the same benefit.

It seems to me that given the level of incompetence in public sector leadership, based on your outrage over the potential abuse to the employee that you would demand this employee benefit be removed from the public sector as well.

What gives libs?

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May-29-13 6:27 AM

QUOTE PRESIDENT Dwight D Eisenhower "Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things. Among them are H. L. Hunt, ...a few other Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid."

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May-29-13 6:53 AM

Aaron one of the facts that you fail to recognize is that Public sector jobs are vastly different than those in the Private sector. The public sector {GOVERNMENT} worker is working for a NON_PROFIT entity, that generally has a 5 day - 40 hour week. The "FOR PROFIT" interest in the Private sector {BUSINESS COMMUNITY} has the great and more than likely potential of abuse by the employer. These giant companies like WALMART will do anything to increase their bottom line. Again, I will use the Bangladesh workers as a perfect example of corporate and wealthy elite GREED. Working Class men and women have fought and literally died to achieve FAIRNESS in the workplace. These companies did not GIVE YOU OVERTIME PAY and other RIGHTS because they were NICE GUYS..........

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May-29-13 12:48 PM

I would submit md tht you don't understand the public workplace. I deal with public employees daily and the sat majority would disagree with your assessment as many aw forces to work nights, weekends and overtime and are all to often at the whim of supervisors promoted not on ability but rather on who they know and the ability to brow nose.

I've also worked in corporate world and I understand that the motivating factor is profit. The difference between you and I is that I don't believe profit to be a bad word. I also understand that if I don't agree with the policies of someone like Wal Mart, I can address it with my spending dollars.

As for your rant about employer abuse, if you make a valid argument, I'll gladly address it. Until then, I'll say that at least with a private employer, employees have an out in the Dept. of Labor. Public employees do not as both State and Federal Government are exempt from workplace rules and regulations meaning your comments are wrong.

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May-29-13 12:50 PM

You'll have to forgive the typos. It happens with an old mans thumb and an iPhone.

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May-29-13 1:24 PM

Aaron Yes, you are correct SOME public workers JUST LIKE private employers have ***holes to deal with. I too, believe in profit, without it none of us would have jobs. HOWEVER, unlike you, I believe that when those gigantic profits are ""totally"" in the pockets of a select FEW. While I and my tax dollars must subsidize their employees with FOOD STAMPS and housing because of poor wages and hours. THE 6 OWNERS OF WALMART ARE WORTH 115 BILLION DOLLARS. {THAT"S BILLION WITH A ""B""} Lastly, where did you come up with the claim that the federal government is exempt from workplace rules and regulations??? GOOD GRIEF MAN - THIS IS THE GOVERNMENT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT.

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May-29-13 8:10 PM

I will explain it - government is part of the 'haves' the rest of us are the 'have nots'. They have nice health insurance, good retirement, freebies and choices like in the article - we have not.

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May-29-13 9:14 PM

Baker you simply are Jealous of your fellow man or woman {working class}, person that has educated themselves and managed to land a decent job, with benefits. I will agree, that many of the political positions {CONGRESS} are worthless overpaid, incompetent BOOBS. But you cannot, cannot, compare the management in government, to the management in business. Because one of these employers will exploit you for every FREE DIME & Minute that they can... They will, if given the opportunity, enslave your ***. and smile and pat themselves on the back for doing so... While smoking their Cuban cigars, in their villa, in the Cayman Islands, with their stolen TAX DOLLARS....

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May-30-13 8:54 AM

You'll never see OSHA, EPA, DOT or the Dept of Labor investigate a government workplace complaint or injury because they have no jurisdiction. While some states allow OSHA moniitoring, there is no available punishmentts for ciolations. It's common knowledge so I don't understand why you don't know this. By all means though, feel free to educate yourself and learn the truth.

Regarding profit, by your statement I take it you are affirming your belief in Marxism and redistribution of wealth!!!

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May-30-13 9:13 AM

Whats your feelings on Al Gore selling his network that was based in Doha, Qatar who he then sold to Al Jazeera?

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May-30-13 9:53 AM

Jarhead, I have no knowledge of the specific business practices of Al Gore or many others of the wealthy elite.{Republicans or Democrats} However, if they are screwing the AMERICAN ""WORKING CLASS"" with their wealth, as is often clearly demonstrated. Then he too, can go screw! I applaud anyone who is successful in gaining very comfortable wealth. But whenever, their employees must rely upon my TAX DOLLARS {FOOD STAMPS}to survive and at the same time they are stashing their AMERICAN MADE profits in offshore accounts to avoid US taxes. YES, I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT! - BE THEY REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT! MY question to all would be: ""How many of you trust these giant corporations with your and your children's futures WITHOUT REGULATIONS AND LAWS""???

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May-30-13 11:02 AM

How about Peloski? Her husband's company had the Chinese make the 2012 US Olympic Uniforms. When her husband was being grilled about it, his response was, " The Chinese are better workers because they do not complain and take long breaks" the dems need to wake up and smell the coffee.

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May-30-13 11:46 AM

Remington, Why don't you get off your partisan bandwagon and join the rest of the "WORKING CLASS" Americans. Be they Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tea Baggers, Whatever, MANY of the "WEALTHY ELITE" are the scum of the earth... Remington, you and your kind, would cut your own throat, and the throats of your children, because of your bigotry and hatred of the Black Man. I never could understand WHY the RIGHT WING ""especially"" - always have had their noses UP THE RICH MAN'S ***.

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May-30-13 1:16 PM

Dem, I do own my own company, sorry if you were not smart enough to make big money. Without us business owners, the workers will be unemployed. I help the economy by employing people, what do you do besides complaining and moaning about how bad the workers got it? WV been a poor state for a long time, why is that? Because of the people you vote for. I am not against blacks at all so why make up stuff about the right wingers not liking a half black man?

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May-30-13 2:22 PM

I'm a blue colar guy who works at local plant and I'm also in the military. By no stretch of the imagination am I part of the "wealthy elite" as you have suggested even though I lean to the right. I believe you should work hard and earn what you have, no hand outs. Having said that people do fall on hard times every so often and I'm gald to have systems in place that can help. But its not a career choice.

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May-30-13 3:36 PM

Remington... WHY do you think that because you OWN a company, {YOU SAY} that YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE ""WORKING CLASS"" Many, many, many, business owners are a great part of the working class... If you are a MULTI, MULTI MILLIONAIRE ? WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON HERE, on THE world renown PN&S arguing with me....????

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May-30-13 3:55 PM

I am not even close to being anywhere near being a rich man. I am just saying that in life there will always have to be business owners that are successful in order to employ others. Your ranting and raving on this forum is not going to change anything. I treat my employees like gold but I do expect integrity, respect and honesty. They have to sign on their first day and if they fail ONE time, they are fired! Ranting against the Wal-Mart executives is not going to solve anything because they made the company successful by screwing the American people by going to China. One thing I never forget, was seeing the people of Pburg struggle in their everyday lives.

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May-30-13 3:58 PM

Remington, You say WV has been a poor state for a long time, """why is that?""" I'll tell you why that is Remington.... I have lived in this state all of my life, almost 70 years. I have watched the giant coal corporations ship OUR coal to other countries, and kill our coal miners in their unsafe mines. I have watched the giant timber companies rape and pillage our valuable hardwood forests. I have watched the giant oil & gas companies steal our reserves from the landowners. I have driven over the roads,{paid for by MY TAX DOLLARS} with POTHOLES from their OVERLOADED POLLUTION SPEWING TRUCKS. All of these companies have poisoned or destroyed our land, air & streams. While MOST of the PROFITS from OUR NATURAL WV WEALTH probably lies stashed away, in an offshore bank account in some CEO'S Name avoiding US & WV TAXES....

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May-30-13 4:09 PM

And I agree with you 100% but what cause this to happen? We need to look for solutions not rant and rave about the problems. Most people agree with your statement but what can the WV people do to keep this from happening? WV has more natural resources than any state combine but yet why are they poor? My opinion? Who you vote is a good start! I will retire back in Pburg in another 10-15 years and I hope the state is better off then

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