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Tarnished Legacy

Obama maneuvers to repair his image

May 24, 2013

A politician can pull off only so many well-timed maneuvers before even his staunchest supporters must admit the efforts do not pass the smell test....

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May-24-13 5:28 AM

"The IRS, Benghazi and AP situations are merely the most recent in a host of reasons Obama's political legacy will be that of as dirty a Washington insider as any who came before him."

And His approval rating is still above 55%. Id say that's a pretty good political legacy, compared to the last President we had!

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May-24-13 6:21 AM

AS PAUL HARVEY USED TO SAY, "NOW THE REST OF THE STORY" The faux outrage over the I.R.S. doing its due diligence in scrutinizing political activists’ applications for tax exempt status as social welfare organizations is shining a spotlight on "conservative’s dirty practice" of concealing dark money being spent on campaigns. Instead of keeping quiet and letting the controversy die down, conservatives are giving the rest of the country an opportunity to look closely into Republican attempts to circumvent tax and campaign laws. As it turns out, the groups claiming they promoted social welfare may have conspired to conceal illegal campaign donations as well as protect their donors if they illegally deducted contributions to a tax exempt “social welfare charity” they would be disallowed from claiming if they gave to Political Action Committees or directly to any particular campaign.

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May-24-13 6:30 AM

After a week of scandals, the dreaded "three-headed monster" of Benghazi, the IRS/Tea Party and the AP/DOJ phone records were supposed to sink the president, harm Hilliary Clinton and catapult the Republican party into the 2014 mid-term elections. While the media focus has highlighted the "three-headed monster," the American people don't seem to be pointing the finger of blame at the president.

According to a new poll released by CNN, since the scandals were highlighted last week, the unfavorable rating of the Republican party has hit a dangerously low rating, one that has only been seen once since 1992. Down five points since March, the unfavorably rating of the GOP has dropped to 54 percent, coinciding with their favorability rating of 35 percent. The only other time in the last 20 years that the GOP's popularity was so low was in the summer of 2011 during the debt ceiling debacle.

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May-24-13 6:36 AM

Any investigation must include delving into whether or not millionaires and corporations asked for, or received, written acknowledgment to deduct their donations to conservative “social welfare” organizations that perjured themselves by pouring money into Republican political campaigns, and if they did, if they are guilty of tax evasion by deducting them as charitable contributions. At the very least, the groups that claimed they were exempt and still donated to political campaigns are guilty of perjury, and there is the little issue of Karl Rove’s group claiming they were exempt without any record with the IRS. Republicans may rue the day they complained they were unfairly scrutinized because it appears the IRS was performing its job well by giving extra attention to political activists claiming their work was strictly promoting social welfare.

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May-24-13 7:05 AM

Keep making excuses for the corruption that is the Barrack Obama admindistration. I do appaude your commitment though, its similar to being in a relationship where you know your spouse is doing something shady behind your back but you want to beleive them.

One day we can only hope to see some transparency from them.

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May-24-13 8:06 AM

Jarhead, had you read my 3 posts below {assuming you can read} you would realize that the final message to the desperate Right Wing is "the people don't believe your lies and distortions of the truth" Just like the ""RIGHT WING DOCTORED"" Benghazi E-Mails, the IRS debacle is now coming back to bite them in a**. Certainly appears that the IRS had every reason to scrutinize those 501 tax exempt "POLITICAL" groups. Hmmmm. As for the AP/DOJ investigation. Our government has and should have, the Right to investigate any single individual of the press that appears to be acting in a treasonous manner against the US government. This doesn't mean the Widespread investigation of the press as a whole. But, the individual isolated acts that appear to have occurred in this case.

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May-24-13 8:26 AM

Stay classy with your insults many democrats. That just typical of someone who is backed into a corner with the pressure closing in. The liberal charade is being exposed for what it is.....lies and cover ups. Have a good day.

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May-24-13 8:28 AM

But please keep reporting the stats from a media outlet that has ties to the current administration.

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May-24-13 10:00 AM

Anyone pleading the 5th during an congressional hearing is hiding something. Enough said,We rest our case!

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May-24-13 10:17 AM

Gosh Jarhead, if You or the Republican / Tea Baggers Party had any credibility or dignity you could probably expect to get some respect. For 5 years, your party has conducted themselves as a bunch of Hillbilly Inbred's like Mitch McConnell, Bohner, & Ron Paul. Your party, has OBSTRUCTED OUR Nation's ECONOMY in every conceivable manner. Not one JOBS BILL has ever been introduced in your CONGRESS. Our BRIDGES are literally falling down {YESTERDAY}and your party REFUSED to PASS an infrastructure bill that would have put millions of unemployed Americans to work on our roads & bridges. They ONLY scream KEYSTONE PIPELINE which will only enhance the wealthy elite, endanger our environment, and provide a very few jobs. They promote hate, racism, bigotry, oppression and hypocracy. They oppose issues like min wage, health care, workers rights, human rights, gay rights, women's rights, etc, etc. And you think I should not call you MORONS???

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May-24-13 12:07 PM

What a bunch of lying excusers. When the IRS comes to your door 19 times for no reason,your excuses will be hilarious.

You have the facts before you, and,you still continue to defend the defenseless, How shameful.

This administration and its Justice Dept have bypassed the constitution and laws for far too long. But lies and cover ups eventually catch up, even when the two most powerful men in America are involved.

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May-24-13 12:10 PM

Both parties need to shoulder some blame for our current state of affairs. But with what is going on right now the majority of that blame needs belongs to the democrats. But please keep your insults up, it show your true colors.

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May-24-13 4:18 PM

With 37 billion appropriated each year for FY-12-13 and estimated for FY-14, one would have to conclude that there is money being spent for road and bridge repair by the federal government. If the money is being wasted through bureaucratic oversight that may mean there is too much oversight in place. Mini Dems love layers of oversight unless that oversight gets in the way of their losing power and control. Then they circle the wagons and deny knowledge of wrongdoing and fail to remember who it was that told them anything in the first place. Taking the Fifth Amendment is order to avoid confessing to a crime, usually mean there was criminal activity to cover up, otherwise just testify with the truth. The truth must then be criminal in itself, and the criminal testifying can't think of any more plausible lies.

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May-24-13 7:40 PM

My question still is! Why is any political group Liberal or Conservative tax-exempt?

And I think before its over like "manydemocrats" wrote, the republicans are going to regret bring up their tax-exempt status

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May-24-13 7:44 PM

I agree with Senator Rockefeller when he said "A committee examining the IRS' targeting of conservative groups should also study the problem of organizations seeking nonprofit status and then engaging in political activity at taxpayers' expense,

He said: {"Make no mistake, when groups that engage in partisan activity receive non-profit status, taxpayers end up subsidizing political campaigns," } "That's a result we should all be able to agree is completely unacceptable."

And I agree. so bring on the investigation

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May-25-13 12:21 AM

Senator Obama introduced a Federal shield bill in the U.S. Senate similar to what some of the states have enacted into law. Unfortunately, the Republicans in the Senate blocked the bill and it died. How ironic.

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May-25-13 5:10 AM

As a member of the armed forces I would love to hear the true story og what happened in Benghazi. I dontt for one second believe the lies that Hillary and Barrack have been spewing.

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May-25-13 5:32 AM

"jarhead99" what would you have done in Benghazi?

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May-25-13 5:35 AM

"The socialists control the media" and you can tell that by reading this article!!

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May-25-13 6:15 AM

SENT HELP!!! And not lied and covered it up!

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May-25-13 7:28 AM

From where? And what would happen once they got there? Have you forgot about Black Hawk Down?

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May-25-13 7:44 AM

"The socialists do control the media and there are boiler rooms of their unwary minions flooding the blogosphere, chat rooms and comment sections of television and newspaper websites with their diatribe."

Yea like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, this paper, and the morons that believe all their propaganda

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May-25-13 8:03 AM

Denver do you really want to start naming names of people who speak for a paticular political party?? Because I can garuntee there are many more liberal sided peole that are on the democratic payroll.

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May-25-13 8:05 AM

You know "jarhead99" you republicans would have a lot more credibility when it comes to Benghazi, if there had been the same concern for lost American lives after the terror bombing that killed 241 Marines at the barracks in Beirut in 1983.

Did anybody ever answer for that?

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May-25-13 8:21 AM

Denver I would love to know that as well. And I see your liberal defense mechanisim is up to deflect and distract. If people can still say they think the current administration is doing a what is truly best for this nation then I question your sanity. I would love to see both parties come together and truly work together but this country needs a different direction from the current path we are on now. But BO needs another much needed vacation...again. On the taxpayers dime.

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