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County exploring options for animal control

Commissioners looking to other counties for advice

April 5, 2013

PARKERSBURG — Wood County Commissioner Blair Couch reported Thursday several counties have responded to requests for information on how they meet state code requirements for animal control services......

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Apr-05-13 12:18 AM

"Shelter officials said their main mission is not to provide animal control services, but to provide a shelter for the community's unwanted animals."

If the Humane Society is providing a shelter for the community's unwanted animals, then why are so many of them killed (Euthanized is the euphemism used to describe the act.)? How is killing an animal providing it shelter?

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Apr-05-13 3:49 AM

The 'kill rate' at the HSOP is 50% compared to 1% in Marietta. Is the HSOP killing so many animals merely to protect the business interests of their associates in the dog breeding business?

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Apr-05-13 10:06 AM

Wood County is only 215 years old,we don't want to jump into something to fast.

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Apr-05-13 11:46 AM

It's been several years since I had contact with the Humane Society. At that time THEY should have been prosecuted for cruelty to animals.

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Apr-05-13 12:43 PM

If more dog/cat owners would take responsibility for their pets, there would be little need for euthanasia.

Some people are just plain stupid and stingy! Maybe more PEOPLE should be "spayed/neutered", then there wouldn't be a bunch of stupid, stingy people allowing their pets to procreate.

And while I'm at it, stop calling the police department just because there is a racoon, skunk, or possum in your yard (I've heard this on the scanner). Leave it alone, and it will wander off in a few minutes. They don't hang around your yard because they like you--they are just looking for food. Boy, some people are stupid!

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Apr-05-13 1:41 PM

I spay and neuter my animals and take good care of them. I got approved for a dog at HSOP and was willing to pay the ridiculous high fee and they sent it to a rescue because I wasn't going to keep it inside. It was a large breed dog that I had 30 years of experience with. Inside for him would have been cruel. I think they need to lower the adoption fees and look for more fosters. It doesn't look like they try very hard to find homes. I think they need to evaluate what their actual goal is.

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Apr-05-13 2:47 PM

I think before anyone forces us to read their comments that they should know of the fact about both sides instead of just spouting out misinformation. If you don't know the facts then don't come on here and look like an idiot. Our local shelter only euthenizes seriously injured, sick animals beyond help and the visious. They have rescues from other states that have strict animal control laws and they don't have stray dogs running around for adoption. The shelter has the animals spayed or neutered with health records including all shots before the animal leaves the shelter. If they didn't have rescues then there would be a lot more animals euthenized for lack of room. The shelter does have a fee for adoption. Since the WV State Law requires all animals adopted from a shelter spayed or neutered. The adoption fee is less than what it costs the shelter to pay for this expense.So,if you can't afford a spayed or neuterd animal from the shelter in my opinion you can't afford to adopt.

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Apr-05-13 3:26 PM


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Apr-05-13 8:07 PM

To luvmyfurryfriends: No one forces you to read anything and yes, I do attempt to get all the facts before I comment. It is not my intent to spread misinformation.

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Apr-06-13 12:06 AM

Luv, first let me say it has been about 3 years since I had contact with the local shelter, so they may have changed (I doubt it based on news coverage though). I do not want to call you a fibber, BUT, what you say ain't so. They do not get animals spayed or neutered, you pay for that on top of the adoption fee (which used to be 80 bucks for a kitty). You fill out the papers, wait a week while they contact your vet and call your references and then (if they remember to call you and approve you) the animal is taken to whatever local vet has an opening to do the fixing. You go in and pay them the fee and then go and pick up your animal from the vet and pay him/her. Furthermore, they do not automatically get the state shots for the animals either, you also have to pay for those when you pick up your pet at the vet. As far as how many they put down,

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Apr-06-13 12:09 AM

I don't know, but, I do know that last year they were putting down cats as soon as they came in because they were full. In their defense, I know they have a large network of fosters and contacts with rescues. You pay anywhere from 150 to 200 dollars to adopt a cat after fixing and shots when all is said and done. I now work with Marietta. 20 bucks adopts a cat and you choose your own vet and their are less snobby about it and the animals are very well cared for and they have a large network of fosters and rescues aa well.

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