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Wood BOE to hear Erickson pitch

Will also consider approving suspension of PHS teacher

March 12, 2013

PARKERSBURG —Officials representing the Erickson All-Sports Facility Foundation will make a presentation today at the Wood County Board of Education meeting, outlining needs for southside athletic......

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Mar-12-13 12:54 AM

So now he says that they need to start spending money on education? Maybe he should have spent the money on educational uses first like the leaky roofs etc BEFORE he spent the $700 on Stadium Field, which is just a temporary fix.

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Mar-12-13 6:37 AM

"When it comes to what money we are spending on education, it is a bigger issue to me when a student wants to go into a vocational class or foreign language and we can't get them in because we don't have enough room," he said. "It's a lot bigger issue than whether we have turf or a track."....Really? is this anything over $700,000 education takes precedence? Also, Stadium Field has "needs" and Erickson has a "pitch"? Dang.

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Mar-12-13 6:39 AM

WHAT!!! And stop the big GAME, just for something as piddly as an actual education? Surely Sarah,you jest? (sarcasm dripping)

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Mar-12-13 8:11 AM

I keep reading about how sports need to be secondary. Those of you that don't have a kid in sports yell and complain that to much is put into the sports and not enough into education. Because of sports my child has to hold at least a 3.5 average for my wife and I to travel with him. Because of sports, most of the boys that are playing wouldn't waste their time by going to school. Because of sports you have a beautiful stadium, and a place for the community to be proud of. Because of the great rivalry between PHS, and South I am willing to be the south side will raise more funds and make Erickson bigger just to prove a point. In which will be a goal to prove to the children and people of the community that when goals are set you don't stop until you achieve them. All because of sports we have learned to set standards high and don't stop until you are at the top of the podium. Keep up the good work Mr. Yeater.

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Mar-12-13 8:21 AM

With all that said, we do need to spend more money on the buildings and keep up with the maintainance. My kids all go to south side schools but to give 700,000 to south just because they give it to PHS is rediculous. That is one of the reasons our communities are in the shape they are today. Being fair is not doaling out tax dollars like you have a coffer overflowing. I am not that old but if most of you went to the schools I grew up in, that are still being used today, you would never complain about what you have in P-burg. One red light and one high school in the county. Most of the kids their will never leave the county and a lot of them will end up on welfare. I don't even like going home, other than to see my parents. Consider yourselves luck you have a community that actually cares.

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Mar-12-13 9:28 AM

The BOE has already decided that we can afford to spend $700,000 on sports facilities. I don't think anymore needs to be handed out just divide it up eavenly based on student count and let the boosters do the rest.

WHS - 607 students - $104,578 PSHS - 1,568 students - $270,145 PHS - 1,888 students - $325,277

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Mar-12-13 9:53 AM

Mtthwhrrs. Does the business that you work in evenly disperse money to different sections just because they want to be fair to the other divisions? NO. And if they did they would be bankrupt. Hense the reason our communities are in the situation they are in now. Trying to please everyone is bankrupting the communities across the country, and alot of use can't see past the end of our nose. Get over it life isn't fair!

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Mar-12-13 11:21 AM

In the afternoon, the local bars are full of guys hanging out, telling the same old story of how they scored a touchdown or made a winning foul shot 20 or 30 years ago. It's a myth that all who participate in high school sports turn out to be winners. I get a kick out of TV's Al Bundy who's highlight in life was scoring "four touchdowns in one game". It's funny but also ironic at the same time.

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Mar-12-13 12:02 PM

The business I work for is designed to make profits. Your analogy is invalid.

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