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‘Wrongs’ that deserve applause

December 22, 2013 Some recent comments in letters to the editor are just beyond comprehension. Lets examine a few. “Liberals will never accept the fact that Obama has done great wrong. more »»

Free speech has consequences

December 22, 2013 I’ve watched and listened to the responses to Phil Robertson’s (Duck Dynasty) article in G. more »»

Market appreciates support

December 22, 2013 The River City Farmers Market Family would like to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone for his or her support after our tragic loss from the fire this past spring. more »»

The ‘I’ve-got-mine’ attitude

December 22, 2013 A Nov. 8 letter (“Obama and the middle class”) from a Washington, W.Va., resident represented the “I’ve got mine, dump the others” mentality that permeates extreme right-wing “thinking” these days. more »»

Wishing for a functional D.C.

December 22, 2013 Everyone is so worried that we say, “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays,” but do not seem to be upset that food stamps have been cut, as well as Meals on Wheels, etc. more »»

Strangers help in hunt for cat

December 22, 2013 I want to commend a few good Samaritans in our community. more »»

Impeach Obama to save nation

December 15, 2013 We understand loyalty to a political party. It is time to set aside loyalty to one’s party and face reality. more »»

Health care workers are heroes

December 15, 2013 As you prepare for the festivities of the Christmas season and try to remember and show appreciation to others with a gift and/or token of appreciation, remember the health care workers and staff in... more »»

Doonesbury is too offensive

December 15, 2013 I’m curious. Do you really think that rape is an appropriate topic to cover in the Sunday comics? I’m referring to the Dec. 8 episode of Doonesbur. more »»

No help for Alzheimer’s patient

December 15, 2013 I would love to know the purpose of the Adult Protective Services. more »»

W.Va.’s woeful power system

December 15, 2013 Once again thousands of homes and businesses in West Virginia have been left in the dark, prompting people to ask whether utilities should be forced to relocate power lines underground to keep them... more »»

Obama isn’t Nelson Mandela

December 15, 2013 I feel the necessity to mention Jules Witcover’s column in Wednesday’s News and Sentinel. Usually, I don’t read his scribblings because he is such a toady to the left win. more »»

Picking and choosing our laws

December 15, 2013 Again and again we see where those politicians who support “Obamacare” cite the fact it is “the law of the land” as the reason it must be implemented. What nonsens. more »»

Vote for candidate, not party

December 15, 2013 I read Augie Pitrolo’s comments about the need to vote only for Republicans as the way to solve our problems. It would be better if voting a straight ticket were not an optio. more »»

Children’s chorus a special gift

December 15, 2013 Most all the schools in the valley have children or youth choirs. Many churches in the valley have children or youth choirs. more »»

Scam targeting people over 65

December 15, 2013 How many Parkersburg area residents have received telemarketing calls about Life Alert products? I got my first call last spring. more »»

Protect Tennessee Walkers

December 15, 2013 Sen. Rockefeller chairs the committee handling the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act (S. 1406/H.R.1518). We urge him to do all he can to get this important legislation enacted quickly. more »»

Stand up for your country

December 15, 2013 What about the chicken they let go in North Korea? He said he was sorry for killing the enemy. Well in my opinion North Korea made a mistake by letting him g. more »»

Fracking, cracker not the same

December 8, 2013 Since consideration is being given to building a natural gas cracker plant in West Virginia, it might be well to ask, “just what is a cracker plant?” Many people might associate fracking for... more »»

Fed workers paid their share

December 8, 2013 Federal employees have already lost more to deficit reduction than any other group of Americans. We’ve lost $90 billion in three years of frozen pay. more »»



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