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What's your opinion? We value your opinion and encourage you to share it with our readers by writing a Letter to the Editor. Submit your letter online with our Virtual Newsroom.

Find better energy methods

February 9, 2014 Responding to the letter to the editor sent by Margaret Meeker on Feb. more »»

CVS made a responsible move

February 9, 2014 I lost my mother and my father years ago and their death was attributed to illnesses caused by tobacco. What a worry it is that two of our three adult children are addicted to tobacco. more »»

An angel in my room

February 9, 2014 On Dec. 5, 2013, I had back surgery at Marietta Memorial Hospital. After surgery, while in the recovery room, I stopped breathing. The woman sharing my room alerted the nurses that I needed hel. more »»

Tennant’s negative campaign

February 9, 2014 Since Natalie Tennant has rolled out her campaign for U.S. Senate against Shelley Moore Capito it has been one negative attack after another. more »»

Always put students’ safety first

February 9, 2014 To Mr. Roe of Feb. 2 and his comments on school closings. Many roads in Wood County are not treated at all, and the buses run on most of them. more »»

Our animals deserve better

February 9, 2014 Christopher Carraway did a good research on donkeys. I am very against the ballgames and treatment these small animals get. My first knowledge of their use was in our small coal mines. more »»

Help needed to solve murders

February 9, 2014 Feb. 5, 2005, was a night of horror in Parkersburg. Three nightmares happened this night and we are still waiting for any information to solve the murders of Tracy Thompson and John Nestor. more »»

Grossly incongruous words

February 9, 2014 Incongruous is a word that I had never used until now, but an article in the News and Sentinel begs its use. more »»

A reminder: We’re still a nation of laws

February 3, 2014 Since Sen. Robert Byrd passed away virtually no Democrat has had the courage to say, “Mr. President, enough! I may agree with you on the issues, but we are a nation of laws, sir.” M. more »»

Chosen area for toxic waste

February 3, 2014 Since the transformation of a gas well into a gas injection well on State Route 144, near Stewart, Ohio, the traffic of large tanker trucks has been an endangermen. more »»

Donkey event cruel, disturbing

February 3, 2014 I am writing again about the donkey basketball fundraiser that the Mineral Wells Baseball and Softball Association is holding. more »»

We do not need more zombie culture

February 3, 2014 Thumbs up, hats off, and thanks a million to Felice Jorgeson for refusing to allow the nonsense, gross gore, and relentless sensationalism of the so-called zombie culture the use of the Smoot Theatre. more »»

Maybe not in our lifetime

February 2, 2014 Our tainted water hit the national news. When this happens, sometimes our national- and state-level elected officials work to solve a problem. Then again, maybe not in our lifetime. more »»

Who is paying for a ballpark?

February 2, 2014 Well, Mayor Newell is really pushing the ballpark for Parkersburg. But where is the money going to come from? Tax dollars. Yes, that’s who will pay for the ballpark: the taxpayer. more »»

Depriving kids of school days

February 2, 2014 It appears that once again this year, the children attending Wood County schools are going to be deprived of their full complement of instructional days. more »»

NASA’s triumph in engineering

February 2, 2014 Do you know what happened 10 years ago on Jan. 25, 2004? NASA landed the Mars Rover Opportunity in Eagle Crater on the Red Planet. more »»

Animal abuse charges not true

February 2, 2014 It is sad to even have to write this letter. more »»

Being destroyed from within

February 2, 2014 Last Wednesday, the Pentagon received orders to allow Muslims in the U.S. Military to grow beards and Sikhs to wear their turbans in place of the prescribed hats for their branch of service. more »»

Make committee pay off bill

February 2, 2014 I would like to write in an effort to curb the overspending on the stadium project. more »»

Meat and cigarette parallels

February 2, 2014 On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the U.S. Surgeon General’s first report on health hazards of cigarette smoking, his office released a report linking smoking to several new chronic diseases. more »»



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